Monday, May 5, 2008

Yet another post about Firefox plugins

I can't understand people that like Internet Explorer (IE) better than Mozilla Firefox (FF). Benchmarks like this and the plurality of add-ons are my arguments against those people. Following there are some of the essential FF extensions that I know:
  1. IE Tab - some web pages (like .mht) just open in IE, you can open them inside FF with this trick.
  2. Customize Google - removes Google Ads from all websites, also improves security and privacy at any Google website, customize the number of Google's results and makes image results point directly to images.
  3. Ad Block Plus - Remove all Ads from any Website.
  4. Downloads in Tab - The annoying little download window will be a tab.
  5. No Script - this is what makes FF safer than any other browser.
  6. PDF Download - now you can choose what will happen when you click on a PDF link.
  7. Table2Clipboard - copy HTML tables content to you spreadsheet editor.
  8. Gmail Manager - checks for new mail at your(s) Gmail account(s)!
  9. GSpace - turns your Gmail account into a remote drive
  10. PermaTabs - turns a selected tab into a permanent (unclosable) one, useful to people who uses iGoogle or Google Reader.
  11. Tabs Open Relative - new tabs will be open next to current one, not at the end anymore.
  12. Firebug + DOM Inspector - essential for every Web developer: javascript debugger, complete HTML, DOM, style, traffic analysis

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