Saturday, May 10, 2008

Google Maps Javascript Helicopter Game

Click the following textbox to start to play:

Use keyboard arrows < ^ > to navigate and + - for zooming

To Do list:
  1. Integrate with Google Adsense to estabilish goals that the user will have to find, with or without the help of address or pointers.
  2. Alternative: Use a categorized list of known places (ex: night clubs) to put the player under a known places knowledge test.
  3. Use FireEagle to open the map rightly above the user real location.
  4. Change the Helicopter gif for one that changes with the inputed commands.
  5. Change the aerial mode for a terrestrial one that limits the movement to the streets.
  6. The API method "panTo" is smoother, but I couldn't make it load new images as you reach the map's edges. Currently I'm using "setCenter" and this method makes map blink.

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