Saturday, April 26, 2008

iGoogle, Google Gadgets & Orkut Mobile

My homepage is iGoogle, the customizable Google homepage. There you can have more than the simple Google start page, you can also add gadgets, they are web pages in small containers that resembles windows. My favorite gadgets are:
  1. Todo List (source code)
  2. GMail - read and write e-mails without leaving the homepage (source code)
  3. Google Talk - simple and fast, replaces MSN Messenger (source code)
  4. Google Reader - better than opening each web page/RSS to read the latest news/updates, you just need to add all of them to Google Reader and you can read them in one place, with a "hide readed" function. (source code)
  5. Orkut Mobile - this one I made myself, just shows Orkut Mobile site inside the gadget (source code)
Every gadget is open source and easy to create, just use Google Gadget Editor, that can be used also to upload files (images, scripts, etc), save your code at Google's servers and publish for everyone find and use it.

PS: The background image I've chosen for my iGoogle is the sky, updated every hour!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google Maps for dummies

Many people thinks first in Google Maps when choosing an API for displaying maps on a website. There are many alternatives, some of them are even better, as Maplink, the best geocodification in Brazilian territory, Yahoo! Maps with its lightweight API, and MS Live Maps, with 3D buildings, they have their advantages and drawbacks, but none of them widespread as Google's API. Below there are the first steps for who wants to deploy his web map:
  1. If you need instant action, use a Wizard:
  2. You'll need to get a license
  3. You'll rely on Google Maps API reference
  4. To keep in touch with latest news and to explore the possibilities sign the Official Google Maps blog's RSS
Tips for advanced developers coming soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cacheable ASP.NET pages

Or "Caching ASPX pages"
Or "How to make ASP.NET pages be stored in the browser's cache?"

I used to save every static page in my Web Projects as .HTML files. But Sandro, from MS-Developers taught me how to make cacheable ASPX pages:

Just insert the following C# .NET code into the Page_Load
You can use the if(!IsPostBack) condition enclosing the code above, for AJAX Pages.

Researching a little more I found an alternative method, just include in the beggining of the ASPX file:
<%@ OutputCache Duration="31536000" Location="Any" VaryByParam="none" %>
As written at ASP Alliance ASP.NET reference

But if you want to disable cacheability use the following code:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple Windows Drumkit

Would you like to play drums while do you hear your songs? Even if it's only to play while you wait or download something? This app could be nearly invisible so you could play without disturbing you normal pc use, and to avoid your bosses' eyes.

With a couple of work hour I made this Simple Drum Kit, that fullfills all those requirements, and beyond, because it uses WAV files that can be replaced at your taste. Here's some suggestions:

- Special effects
- Backing vocals
- Percussion
- Melodies
- Bases
- Other music

To download follow the link: