Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple Windows Drumkit

Would you like to play drums while do you hear your songs? Even if it's only to play while you wait or download something? This app could be nearly invisible so you could play without disturbing you normal pc use, and to avoid your bosses' eyes.

With a couple of work hour I made this Simple Drum Kit, that fullfills all those requirements, and beyond, because it uses WAV files that can be replaced at your taste. Here's some suggestions:

- Special effects
- Backing vocals
- Percussion
- Melodies
- Bases
- Other music

To download follow the link:


Noli said...

Its a great job, how can you add another key of PC keyboard, let say putting another wav sound using F12 key? thanks, hope you teach me how.

Jader Dias said...

In theory it's simple! Just add a 12.WAV file to your "snd" folder.

But originally when I first wrote this program on my PC it worked perfectly, except for the F12 key. Another Windows process was capturing this keystroke, and my program was not receiving it. So the same thing may happen to you.

Anonymous said...

what type of programming language that you used to create this program? well, i'm doing a project which is quite similar to yours, so can you explain it to me detailly? really would appreciate your help..

Jader Dias said...

This program was written in C#. But it can be decompiled to any .NET language.

Joseph Schwenker said...

Wow, I used to love this program so much in Windows. Do you think you could make a Linux port? I am about to try running it in WINE.

Joseph Schwenker said...

Hmm... it refuses to load in WINE, and Microsoft's .NET framework won't install, either. I just found this thing called Mono that is a cross-platform .NET framework. Could you give me instructions on how to compile it with Mono, or could you do so yourself? Thanks! \(^o^)/

Jader Dias said...

@Joseph. This app isn't the kind which would run on Mono, because it imports Windows libraries user32.dll and kernel32.dll. I don't know if Wine has these libraries. So this application I would say it's Windows only. You could run Windows as a virtual machine, or do a dual boot setup.

Jader Dias said...

@Joseph this application I built in a hour following 2 tutorials I found in the internet. One about global hotkeys, and the other about playing sounds. If you find similar tutorials specific for your *nix system, I'm sure you could write your own application.

Joseph Schwenker said...

Thanks for your help! Although I think that partitioning space for Windows or running it in VirtualBox would be a bit overkill.