Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Opening Google Earth (*.kmz) files with the browser

I already knew that Google Maps shows KML file content at its website. You only need to put the KML's URL at the following site search textbox:
then execute the search. But I was unaware that the same applies to Google Earth's KMZ files. They seem unreadable without Google Earth, but you can use the same method above or use the following one:

Example KMZ file:
Append at the beginning of the above URL:
The result is:

Open it in your browser.


Hatshepsut said...


Tentei deixar o blog o mais "globalizado possível"! Rsrsrs!


Bernie said...

This is an old post from 2008. This capability was removed from Google Maps a few years ago perhaps in 2015. Its too bad. This was a great way to view KML and KMZ files.