Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Android is now Open Source

Finally, i've been decompiling android the past weeks, and now that Android is Open Source, i finally can debug it on my pc.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

WinGrep - a simple Windows grep-like console application

Windows search tool wasn't enough to find the methods I was looking for, inside .jad files. So I wrote a few lines of C# code to have this explendid tool. It behaves like Linux grep, except for its regular expressions, lol.


1: start folder path (e.g.: c:\)
2: file pattern (e.g.: *.class)
3: search string (e.g.: getFromLocation)

Full example : WinGrep.exe c:\ *.class getFromLocation

Batcher - a simple .NET C# Console Application for multiple java .class files decompiling

To decompile the whole Android.jar zipped content we need to JAD each .class file. To do it automatically you can use a tool I developed with this specific purpose.


1: jad.exe file path (e.g.: c:\jad.exe)
2: unzipped .jar file path (e.g.: c:\android\android)

Full example: Batcher.exe c:\jad.exe c:\android\android

Note: JAD files inside the target path may be overwritten without asking permission