Saturday, April 26, 2008

iGoogle, Google Gadgets & Orkut Mobile

My homepage is iGoogle, the customizable Google homepage. There you can have more than the simple Google start page, you can also add gadgets, they are web pages in small containers that resembles windows. My favorite gadgets are:
  1. Todo List (source code)
  2. GMail - read and write e-mails without leaving the homepage (source code)
  3. Google Talk - simple and fast, replaces MSN Messenger (source code)
  4. Google Reader - better than opening each web page/RSS to read the latest news/updates, you just need to add all of them to Google Reader and you can read them in one place, with a "hide readed" function. (source code)
  5. Orkut Mobile - this one I made myself, just shows Orkut Mobile site inside the gadget (source code)
Every gadget is open source and easy to create, just use Google Gadget Editor, that can be used also to upload files (images, scripts, etc), save your code at Google's servers and publish for everyone find and use it.

PS: The background image I've chosen for my iGoogle is the sky, updated every hour!

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